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[quote:dy4t6kfe]Hello Victor

You say I should pray about what I think? Okay what about you and your way as I wrote earlier – [/quote:dy4t6kfe]

Ron, do you even bother to read what people write? I didn’t say to pray about [b:dy4t6kfe]what you think[/b:dy4t6kfe]. But rather about what your doing here in this forum.

[quote:dy4t6kfe]There is nothing “venemous ” in that message, just the facts about how mis-lead Catholics are.[/quote:dy4t6kfe]

Do you read what you type?!!!! Your coming into a CATHOLIC FORUM and blurting out nonsense like [b:dy4t6kfe][i:dy4t6kfe]how mis-leading Catholics are[/i:dy4t6kfe][/b:dy4t6kfe]. How in the world do you think we are to take this?