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Lex you wrote

[quote:1wgdbd1s]Whats weierd about the whole thing is that i used to go to a non-denominational church that said if you acccepted jesus christ as you lord and savior you have a spot in heaven. This is totally arrogant because satan obviouly wants people to belive that as long as you become a son or doughter of the LORD you wont go to hell. When so much more is need like baptizum. If anyone tells you that dont listen!! [/quote:1wgdbd1s]

Excuse me Lex, but I find that the Gospel of the Bible is one of grace not one of grace plus works as you and the rest of the Catholic church tries to preach. The Bible explains that faith without works is dead, but keep the works as separate, as a reflection of your faith. The faith that saves is in what Christ did at Calvary’s cross not in baptism or anything you can do to merit your salvation such as sacraments, the mass, etc., etc….
Sorry that you became a Catholic, you certainly won’t find the Biblical Gospel here! Go back to that “weird” Non-dennominational Church – they at least seem to understand the pride-less Gospel message better then this place!