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Okay Jon
Ron, all those verses you quoted do nothing more than to prove my point. Justification is what happens instantly, salvation is the final reward. Salvation is a process that starts with justification.[/quote:10c9kcdg]

okay so you are going to tell me it’s through sacraments and the mass. Right? As in [b:10c9kcdg]”Justification is conferred in Baptism, the sacrament of faith”[/b:10c9kcdg]
[i:10c9kcdg]Then as a grown up who sins we are re-justified, then after another sin we again get re-justified through confessionals[/i:10c9kcdg] then as a last resort [i:10c9kcdg]we get the last rights to finally be justfied[/i:10c9kcdg] and [i:10c9kcdg]if not sure then purgatory fully purifies and we can enter Heaven because we’ve been justified at last.[/i:10c9kcdg] Meanwhile we can recieve graces to help fight these sins by attending mass.
Am I Right?