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[quote:1e7yeit7]Did you forget what I said earlier? about the sin issue – nothing I do can cleanse us – Jesus did that already[/quote:1e7yeit7]
I never disagreed. But salvation isn’t cleansing – that’s justification. Salvation is our final reward – getting to heaven. Justification, cleansing, is only the beginning part of the process of salvation.

Justification = cleansing = being made righteous before God by the blood of the Lamb.

Salvation = final reward for doing the will of the Father until death (if someone is justified).

[quote:1e7yeit7]- the difference lies in the fact that as a Catholic, your religious actions prove you don’t believe as in priestly confessions – you walk out after thinking you’re cleansed – then you go out drinking or whatever until the next confession – and this cycle continues – so where are you trusting that you’re cleansed – the Saturday confessional because you’ve been taught that the priest can forgive sins – he cann’t but that is a different subject.[/quote:1e7yeit7]
Gee, I suppose after I go out drinking I sleep with 5 women too. :rolleyes: Thanks for making an assumption about my moral character.

Read John 20:21-23 – Jesus gives the power to confess sins to the apostles. Read 2 Cor. 5:16-20 – Paul, an apostle, speaks about the ministry of reconciliation (bringing people back to Christ if their relationship is not right i.e. if they have sinned). Paul shows that the Apostles do this ministry on behalf of Christ (as ambassadors) and that the power to do such comes from Christ. That’s what’s happening in the confessional. The priest is representing Christ and it’s Christ that forgives sins, not the priest. I am totally trusting in Christ.

[quote:1e7yeit7]From man’s view some sins “seem” worst then others sins but God is perfect – to Him they all are rejectable until you get born again then you’re forgiven – no problem except for unbelief in the Biblical Jesus[/quote:1e7yeit7]
But the Word of God says that some sins are not deadly. That means God himself believes that not all sins are equal. It’s impossible for you to deny this and still be telling the truth.