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[quote:27lpvdri]4 – Jon says [quote:27lpvdri]
I guess what I find strange here is that you are quoting a passage about observing the law…hmmm…. Why does the law even matter if you are already saved? [/quote:27lpvdri]

As I’ve said as evidence of one’s salvation, we must stive to obey (otherwise my faith would just be words)[/quote:27lpvdri]
So…in other words you have to actually [b:27lpvdri]do something[/b:27lpvdri] or else you’re not really saved, right? Sounds like salvation is a process that is dependant upon works to me. Quite different from what you have tried to explain in the past.

[quote:27lpvdri]Two verses – Romans 6:23 – The wages of sin is death
note – sin is sigular
But Ron, how do you reconcile that the Bible, [b:27lpvdri]the Bible itself[/b:27lpvdri], says that not all sin is deadly and the wages of sin is death? Perhaps there’s a deeper meaning.