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Jon, you said,
I didn’t say we could ignore them. What I am saying is that you are taking the Scriptures out of context. [/quote:39zyjmmk]
I don’t think so, that’s only what you guys try to tell me

[quote:39zyjmmk]When Jesus said, “I did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill the law” (Matthew 5:17) to which law was he referring? The Roman law? The Catholic law? No, he was referring to the Jewish law. Likewise was Paul when he was speaking to Jews because that was what he meant by “the law”. [/quote:39zyjmmk]
Of course He wasn’t suggesting to follow any law either!
If you want proof of who Paul was talking to go to your local library and start doing some research. You will be quite enlightened by what you find. [/quote:39zyjmmk]
I don’t think that it would teach me anything new, thank you.
The other issue at hand is whether salvation is instantaneous upon asking Jesus into your heart or something that is obtained after living a life in Christ. In other words whether salvation is a one time, guaranteed deal or a process that spans a person’s lifetime. [/quote:39zyjmmk]
If salvation is guaranteed once you profess faith in Christ then how can faith without works be dead? If works are not evident in the life of a professing Christian would that person’s level of trust and obedience in Christ be in question? [/quote:39zyjmmk]
When He died at Calvary, he died for all my sins. Even the future ones. Why do you not believe in what He did? Its the Heart issue. Are you going to believe Historically in what He did but refuse to change your life – then No, you won’t get saved, however if that is the point in which you profess, then you are and by your fruit (works) it give evidence as such. (But the works such as sacraments still do not remove sins)

[quote:39zyjmmk]You say all one needs is faith alone, but the Bible says faith without works is dead. God judges us by our actions (i.e. “works”) in the end (Matthew 7:21, 12:33, 12:36-37). Would not those who did no works, in faith, not get to heaven? [/quote:39zyjmmk]
Depends upon what he was trusting in to remove His sins – his works or Jesus work done at calvary – It’s the sin issue, Jon – otherwise how many works that you do remove sin? ten Hail Marys? Build two hospitals? How many what does this?

[quote:39zyjmmk]Wouldn’t that mean salvation is dependent upon works? [/quote:39zyjmmk]
If that was what our salvation depended upon, then yes , but it doesn’t
Again the sin issue cannot be ignored and that is what your way does!

[quote:39zyjmmk]I mean, Jesus even says himself, “I tell you, on the day of judgment people will render an account for every careless word they speak. By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” Sure sounds like Judgement and salvation depend on what we do — works.[/quote:39zyjmmk]
Such is as you Catholics speak erroniously -Yes because by your words you deny the Blood of Christ for works.

[quote:39zyjmmk]How can you reconcile this, Ron? [/quote:39zyjmmk]
Reread what I’ve tried to show you, no problem! (Even your Library would say this if you looked hard enough!