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[quote:3h2xqgn2][quote:3h2xqgn2]We have a free choice to make, He wasn’t creating robots[/quote:3h2xqgn2]

Here is where you argument falls Ron. Suffering is only related to free will if got yourself into a mess. But many people suffer thru no fault of their own. This would deem it completely unrelated to free will.

So now think hard as to why people would suffer through no fault of their own and is unrelated to free will. Take your time.

I need to take a moment to correct this. People suffer through no fault of their own precisely because of free will – other people’s free will.

God gave [b:3h2xqgn2]everyone[/b:3h2xqgn2] free will to be able to freely love God or else it would not be a true love for God. But a consequence of that free will are the effects people’s decisions have on others. God gave us free will and never promised that we would be protected from others’ stupid choices.