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Victor says:
I don’t think you or anybody has the right nor the wisdom to know who is or isn’t in Grace with complete certainty. And as you may have already have noticed that catholics believe that true believers can lose Grace and hence salvation[/b:1c4wr74x].

You are right up to a point. But if Scriptures reveal a certain way as the only way to Salvation, and if I knew that you weren’t believing in that one way, would you then respond by telliing me not to judge? Aren’t believers to judge all things?

1 Cor 2:15- But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. [/color:1c4wr74x]

Benedict – What is your point? Works – read this [i:1c4wr74x][b:1c4wr74x]Article #6 – What About Good Works? [/b:1c4wr74x][/i:1c4wr74x] at