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Victor says:
[b:9oyb6yvc][i:9oyb6yvc]Ok, at least we are moving forward. So you say we suffer because of sin, right? But now we are getting back to what Christ completed on Calvary. Apparently He died for our sins (which I agree with) but the affects of sin are still felt on earth, correct?

[color=darkred:9oyb6yvc]I have no problem with that, correct.[/color:9oyb6yvc]

The fact that Christ died on the cross for us makes our suffering, works, etc. pleasable to Him. Because we are IN GRACE. Do you agree[/i:9oyb6yvc][/b:9oyb6yvc]?
Not necessarily, because none believers aren’t “In Grace” until they become saved. Also I’m not so sure our suffering, works etc., are pleasurable to Him, but please continue anyway[/color:9oyb6yvc]