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[quote:3iwq2lax]True, Satan can cause problems (as in Job chapters 1+2) and then we see God chastizes His Chidren (as in Hebrews 12) And of course, the Spirit draws people to God, so to seperate us from our Earthly desires He could allow suffering. But sin is the main reason for hardships as we saw with Adam and Eve. [/quote:3iwq2lax]

Ok, at least we are moving forward. So you say we suffer because of sin, right? But now we are getting back to what Christ completed on Calvary. Apparently He died for our sins (which I agree with) but the affects of sin are still felt on earth, correct? The fact that Christ died on the cross for us makes our suffering, works, etc. pleasable to Him. Because we are IN GRACE. Do you agree?