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Victor states:
[b:l8vo6hv8]As I pointed out (which you agree) that Christ’s death on the cross was unable to take away the applications of suffering down on earth. At least we got that out of the way.
[color=darkred:l8vo6hv8] Okay[/color:l8vo6hv8]

Is God unable to take away suffering down on earth? I’m sure you’ll agree that He certainly can put a stop to it. So why did He let it remain Ron?
[color=darkred:l8vo6hv8]We have a free choice to make, He wasn’t creating robots [/color:l8vo6hv8]

I’m trying to help you understand the catholic world view but you keep on wanting to prove me wrong. Just answer the questions honestly and follow along[/b:l8vo6hv8]. [color=darkred:l8vo6hv8] okay now what?