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[quote:2ey1ewm2]No I’m not. I’m saying because He paid for our sins, cleansing us, Having purged us of sin, then when we die, we don’t need a purgatory, Penances on Earth don’t cleanse our soul either, we must distinguish what is the Spiritual from the Physical as Paul did in Romans 7:15 to 8:1. Jesus finished purifying us, our entry into Heaven. Heaven is a given for those who trust in what He did at Calvary. This is why I reject the idea that Jesus instituted sacraments to dispense graces – because then we’d be trying to merit graces through them –

The Bible gives many examples of us suffering because we sin but not as a way to merit salvation.[/quote:2ey1ewm2]

Salvation is a huge topic and I would rather take baby steps in order to understand each other. For now, I will refrain from going into Purgatory or Penances. They are deffinately linked but there are other threads on this already.

As I pointed out (which you agree) that Christ’s death on the cross was unable to take away the applications of suffering down on earth. At least we got that out of the way. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

Is God unable to take away suffering down on earth? I’m sure you’ll agree that He certainly can put a stop to it. So why did He let it remain Ron?
I’m trying to help you understand the catholic world view but you keep on wanting to prove me wrong. Just answer the questions honestly and follow along.

In Christ