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Victor says:

[i:tq8ljqo2]”I’m sorry but where exactly did you answer my question? Are you saying that if we have faith we will not suffer down on earth? “[/i:tq8ljqo2]

No I’m not. I’m saying because He paid for our sins, cleansing us, Having purged us of sin, then when we die, we don’t need a purgatory, Penances on Earth don’t cleanse our soul either, we must distinguish what is the Spiritual from the Physical as Paul did in Romans 7:15 to 8:1. Jesus finished purifying us, our entry into Heaven. Heaven is a given for those who trust in what He did at Calvary. This is why I reject the idea that Jesus instituted sacraments to dispense graces – because then we’d be trying to merit graces through them –

The Bible gives many examples of us suffering because we sin but not as a way to merit salvation.