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You say:

[b:2q9tior4]If He fully paid in EVERYWAY we wouldn’t be suffering would we?[/b:2q9tior4]

Yet Scriptures show Isaiah 53:5 – [u:2q9tior4]By His Stripes we are healed[/u:2q9tior4]

Romans 5:9 – [u:2q9tior4]justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. [/u:2q9tior4]

plus many other verses show that He did it all. Still Scriptures likewise show our sinful nature Just as Paul was in sin to an extent (Romans 7:15 to 8:1) So who gets the credit for our Salvation? Jesus, not by giving us a way to merit Salvation through sacramnts, but by Faith in what He did at calvary….lest we boast.