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[quote:1tpi6v9q][quote:1tpi6v9q]Well Victor, in not so plain english Jesus resurrected to defeat the death penalty for sin,[/quote:1tpi6v9q]

Then why did He say it was finished if He still needed to [i:1tpi6v9q]defeat the death penalty for sin[/i:1tpi6v9q]? I don’t see where you answered this.


[b:1tpi6v9q]He was finished Cleansing believers with what He did on the cross. That part of His time here, that he did finish,
[u:1tpi6v9q]then[/u:1tpi6v9q] He had to prove that death had no power over Him. No, Alla, no Budda, etc etc.,,, none of these ever came back to life. [/b:1tpi6v9q][/b]