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I watched the episode in question. Other than the Pope’s crude declaration at the end, I was not particularly offended by the show’s s

As to whether or not they poke fun at others, yes. Yes. And yes.

For example, in the episode that made fun of atheists (and Catholics, but this was really funny), the parents in town decided, because of the sex scandal (most of the normal townsfolk are Catholic because they wanted a reason for a Catholic priest character), they would become atheists.

In the same episode, one of the kids discovered that you can eat food by inserting it at the wrong end of the gastrointestinal tract (interorectogestion). The food continues backwards all the way to the mouth.

Long story short, you have a bunch of atheists sitting around talking about religion and every few minutes pausing to excrete food waste from their mouths.

“‘Under God’ should be taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance.” *ptooie*

“The religious right in this country is trying to force our children to believe what they believe.” *ptooie*

Not exactly the most subtle message in South Park but accurate nonetheless.