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Peace be with you Ron,

[quote:2zssvu12]Now you claim to be so superior in knowledge yet the authors of the Bible were dead – most by the year 95 AD.[/quote:2zssvu12]

A typo, and I apologize, 1st Century is when all Original Greek Manuscripts were completed.

[quote:2zssvu12]Yet they wrote the various chapters, never as Catholics I might add. So regardless of your claim, the Bible was around already just not in a book yet.[/quote:2zssvu12]

I curious where in any of my post did I make that claim? So since you brought it up we will have a brief history lesson:

33 The Holy Spirit descends upon the Apostles, 1st Christian Pentecost, St. Stephen Martyred, St. Peter is called the Prince of the Apostles and his Papacy begins.

64 – 67 St. Peter is Martyred in Rome during the Neronain persecution, he had already established his Holy See in Rome and Antioch, he had also presided the Council of Jerusalem.

67 – 76 St. Linus 2nd Pope (after the Holy Apostles (Peter and Paul) had founded and set the Church in order (in Rome) they gave over the exercise of the episcopal office to Linus. The same Linus is mentioned by St. Paul in his Epistle to Timothy.)

70 Jerusalem fell

76 -88 St. Anacletus Papacy

88 -97 Clement I Papacy

100 Death of St. John

So yes they were the Fathers of the Catholic Church, the Church of Rome. There is plenty of historical documents that prove these facts. They were not call Catholics by title, but the entire lineage from St. Peter to the Church, as we know it, is fully in tact, unbroken and supported by thousands of historical documents. Of course you will deny this based on the word Catholic and ignore 2000 years of research and writings.

[quote:2zssvu12]Even Jesus said ” It is written….” a number of times and “search the Scriptures” in another spot – So don’t try to give credit to your church.[/quote:2zssvu12]

Again Christ was referring to Mosaic Law and the Pentateuch. Most Theologians accept this simple fact as well.

God Bless!