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Benedict you are joking right? You say –
[b:u5tfhz59]I was saying that you were misreading Scripture. And you continue to do so.

Let us start with the plain words of Scripture that I already posted:

“Was not Abraham our father justified by works, offering up Isaac his son upon the altar? … Do you see that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only?”

St. James tells us explicitly and specifically: by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.

So we find that in the first place, you are misreading Scripture by ignoring those verses that you would rather not see. You tell us “faith alone,” but the Bible explicitly says “not by faith only.”

In addition to misreading Scripture by ignoring difficult verses, you then turn around and misread Scripture by ignoring context.[/b:u5tfhz59]

How do you figure that I am misreading or ignoring verses? I showed you how works fit the faith alone verses in Ephesians 2:8+9 is then followed by verse 10 and in Titus 2:13 is followed by verse 14. But how did you treat Romans 11:6? You simply ignored it as well as Romans 3:27-28 and
4:5+6. Did the thief next to Jesus do any good works? Yet the Lord saved him. Would you like to try that again?

Fred, You said [b:u5tfhz59]”The Bible as we know it did not exist until the 1st Century. “[/b:u5tfhz59]

Now you claim to be so superior in knowledge yet the authors of the Bible were dead – most by the year 95 AD. Yet they wrote the various chapters, never as Catholics I might add. So regardless of your claim, the Bible was around already just not in a book yet. Even Jesus said ” It is written….” a number of times and “search the Scriptures” in another spot – So don’t try to give credit to your church.
At least the Old Testament part was, and the New testament was soon to follow in the letters to the churches.