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Peace be with you Ron,

[quote:19s2a1sc]Jesus is 100 %human and 100 %God – What is wrong about this that you see I don’t! You also wrote:[/quote:19s2a1sc]

This is not the statement in which I was speaking. I was speaking to your blog that you sent me to previously, since we are insulting, the body of work your “educated” mind should be familiar with verbatim;

[quote:19s2a1sc] In all three examples there is a clear distinction that separates Jesus’ physical life apart from His deity.[/quote:19s2a1sc]

This is the [b:19s2a1sc]SAME[/b:19s2a1sc] as the second century heresy I spoke of. I would suggest that as an “educated” person, the early history of [b:19s2a1sc]ALL[/b:19s2a1sc] Christianity would be known to you. With this knowledge you would be able to better debunk what early Christians wrote and believed. Hence your mission to save the 1 billion Catholic souls lost to Hell forever!

[quote:19s2a1sc]Jesus to the Pharasees – You are misled because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God[/quote:19s2a1sc]

I do? Where did I mislead? Please enlighten me? Was he not speaking on resurrection, to the Sadducees? Did Christ have a ciphered message I missed. What special understand do you have of the scriptures and please support your reply with scripture.

[quote:19s2a1sc]The rest of your postiing is simply your uneducate opinion and does nothing but waste time. please be speciific if you think I misquoted somthing, but don’t bother just telling me that as I see you to be the mislead one and I can defend my beliefs with the Bible very well.[/quote:19s2a1sc]

That brings me to my favorite part, and goes to your undoing. Cast not the first stone! Since you have let’s examine your impressive education:

From this posting and only of what I quoted you on alone. Since when are the following English words spelt:


Further in Matthew 6:29-33 Jesus is speaking to the Sadducees not the Pharisees. Or am I being misleading? Has my tone changed? Yes because you will do o more then insult when you cannot prove your point to us. I pray for forgiveness on this my coming to your level, for I am not charitable right now but speak with a Righteous Anger!

Now to the next, I have responded in depth to you on many of your postings. All with relative and important sources annotated, so you yourself could look into what I have wrote. Further, I have even quoted from the KJV of the Bible, which is non-canonical if you didn’t know and hence and incomplete Bible.

Oh, that bring us to the question,”What is Fred’s educational background?” I am currently working on a Masters in Theology and studying in the vocation of the Deaconate. So I think I can speak with some authority. And for you? Some kind of amazing soothsayer type understanding of Scripture that 2000 years of research and prayer and living experience has failed all of mankind. Please. Again cast not the first stone!

Your purpose here is Catholic bashing pure and simply! Your prior false apology is but an example of your uncharitable and insincere nature. Further, I suspect you have some some unresolved issues with the Church. Maybe a disagreement with doctrine? I suspect that you were not properly catechized either. For that I am truly sorry! This one failing has lead many of our brothers and sisters to leave the Church for false religions and profits.

If you are not willing to engage in intellectual discussion, I suggest you find another board to go to. I will not even acknowledge one who insults, makes have witted remarks about Christ or speaks with heretical believes. Unless, they are truly seeking and can come to the board with a open heart and with charity in it.

Your arguments have not supported one of your beliefs nor have you provided substance to your arguments. And when some does present a good and sound argument, you either ignore them or state your mystical knowledge is greater then the sum works of all the Doctors, Saints, Martyrs, Virgins, and theologians of the last 2000 years. Who if they are wrong, then all that you know to be the Bible is wrong.

I pray that find you peace and that one day you will find your way home!

God Bless!