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Yes that is fair enough, Jon

Perhaps you will allow me to see what you wrote to J McCarthy?

[b:1wupxhfo]Ron, I’ve read much of what you’ve written already in some form or other. It all looks the same as the other anti-Catholic stuff I’ve read in the past. I’ve read The Gospel According to Rome by James G. McCarthy and written a 63 page rebuttal to the first 6 chapters. I’ve debated with people who want nothing more than to evangelize Catholics on messageboards for almost 5 years. I’ve seen the arguments, I’ve been there[/b:1wupxhfo]

Although I cannot understand how or why you don’t agree, maybe this would help. Similairly, I’ve dedicateded my life to reach CAtholics. Fighting doesn’t open doors, so I’ll slow down.

As for the Bible – that was authored by God, it is His Word to us, not
the Catholic Church’s word to us. It also tells us not to add to it….so why
does your Church feel the need for a Catechism, the Mormons use their Book, the Jw’s have their’s as well? Maybe you can tell me that as well?

Thank you for your patience as well <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />