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[quote:3knrzgza]I just read an article about Vatican defending policy on ordaining gays…This is a topic that I’m really confused about.[/quote:3knrzgza]

[color=darkred:3knrzgza]You’re not the only one. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> [/color:3knrzgza]

[quote:3knrzgza]I think I’m beginning to understand why gay marriages are not acceptable in the Catholic Church, but I’m not really sure about why there’s a problem with gay men as priests[/quote:3knrzgza]

[color=darkred:3knrzgza]You are correct. There is no problem with gay priest, and the Church is not saying that there is. What they are saying is that ANY man that either has a [b:3knrzgza]strong[/b:3knrzgza] (homosexual or heterosexual) sexual tendecies will no be admitted into the seminary.[/color:3knrzgza]

[quote:3knrzgza]…Gay doesn’t mean pedophile and celibacy means no sex. So, what’s the deal? Is there a fear that gay priests will encourage others to be okay w/ homosexuality? I would think that if you’re a gay priest, you accept the Church’s position on homosexuality and would counsel accordingly.[/quote:3knrzgza]

[color=darkred:3knrzgza]Exactly!! You are correct and the Church agrees from all the documents I have read.[/color:3knrzgza]

[quote:3knrzgza]If you’re homosexual, does the Church accept you if you only if you aren’t a practicing one? [/quote:3knrzgza]

[color=darkred:3knrzgza]Correct. But keep in mind that the Church would have the same stance if you were a heterosexual with strong sexual tendencies.[/color:3knrzgza]

[quote:3knrzgza]Unless, you’re wanting to be a priest, and then they won’t accept you at all?[/quote:3knrzgza]

[color=darkred:3knrzgza]If you are practicing immoral sexuality (gay or not) the Church sees it as wrong whether you join the priesthood or not.[/color:3knrzgza]

[quote:3knrzgza]The other part of my problem is: what am I supposed to do with my feelings that appear to contradict what the Vatican releases as policy?[/quote:3knrzgza]

[color=darkred:3knrzgza]The same thing I do with my feelings when I want to sin. Fight them and pray. If it’s more then just feelings and it’s a conscious questions then ask away. That’s normal. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> [/color:3knrzgza]

[quote:3knrzgza]Does it make me less Catholic to believe that gay men can be great priests? [/quote:3knrzgza]

[color=darkred:3knrzgza]Absolutely not…gay priests can be wonderful priest.

Hope I helped…. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

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