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I just read an article about Vatican defending policy on ordaining gays…This is a topic that I’m really confused about. I think I’m beginning to understand why gay marriages are not acceptable in the Catholic Church, but I’m not really sure about why there’s a problem with gay men as priests…Gay doesn’t mean pedophile and celibacy means no sex. So, what’s the deal? Is there a fear that gay priests will encourage others to be okay w/ homosexuality? I would think that if you’re a gay priest, you accept the Church’s position on homosexuality and would counsel accordingly.

If you’re homosexual, does the Church accept you if you only if you aren’t a practicing one? Unless, you’re wanting to be a priest, and then they won’t accept you at all?

The other part of my problem is: what am I supposed to do with my feelings that appear to contradict what the Vatican releases as policy? Does it make me less Catholic to believe that gay men can be great priests?

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