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Hi, my name is Michael and I am new on here. I am well studied in apologetics and went to seminary for four years, studying the Church’s perennial teachings (even my fair share of St Thomas, the Angelic Doctor).

I am quite distressed that I do not see on this list much critical thinking. Doesn’t it bother anyone that Church teaching was changed with Vatican II? First the primary purpose of marriage is to procreate and raise children, NOW it is the mutual love of the spouses. First, Mohammedans worship the Devil (“The gods of the gentiles are demons”), NOW they worship the one, true God, “together with us”. First, Catholicism is the true religion to which all must submit as necessary for salvation, NOW the Vatican has forced all Catholic countries to abandon the creed of Chirst in the name of religious liberty, and ANYONE, (even atheists!!!) can be saved.
When is anyone going to WAKE UP??!! This is a faithless and perverse generation (look around if you don’t think so yourself!) because you have
allowed sheep in wolves’ clothing to lead you into heresy! To say that very body and blood of Christ can be received by a heretic who does not believe in the teachings of the Church??? How far will you let these people go? What if they tell you it is okay to receive the Body of Christ in mortal sin? What will you say then? In the practical order, this is what happens when a Protestant receives Holy Communion. Catholicism isn’t an excuse to sacrifice your brain to a charismatic man in a white hat. It is faith seeking reason. There is no reason to believe in the heresies of a heretic. The Church has already stated that a manifest heretic cannot be Pope. These man have officially changed the unchanging teachings of Christ and the Church. You must believe what God says, not some heretic.

In Christ and Mary,

Michael DiSalvo

[quote:1rj5399r][quote:1rj5399r]What I meant was not that you disagree with every PART of teh Church, I meant that you clearly do not RECOGNIZE the Catholic Church as the infallible Church she is.

If you did, then obviously you would not be disagreeing with it![/quote:1rj5399r]
Wow…. that shows an amazing lack of charity…. I hope this sort of thing does not happen on this forum all the time….. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />

Getting back on topic…. and since you, Uncertaindrummer, seem to be well versed in Catholic teaching, I’d like your opinion on a hypothetical situation:

[color=blue:1rj5399r]A group of Protestant men are:

1. In danger of death.
2. Have manifested faith in the Sacrament of the Eucharist
3. Do not have access to a minister of their own
4. Have asked a Catholic Priest to receive the Eucharist
5. Are properly disposed in conscience[/color:1rj5399r]

[color=darkred:1rj5399r]Should the Priest give them the Eucharist, or not?[/color:1rj5399r][/quote:1rj5399r]