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[quote:1y1sy2lz]Hi Everybody,

I just feel the need to qualify what was posted here. Granted, Victor and I were having a conversation on grace, but I think I need to clarify what I meant. I had problems with the idea of MORE GRACE, because I felt that suggesting that God would give to some, what He would not give to others, makes Him a respector of persons. Victor told me that those who receive more grace from God receive it so that God could accomplish His purpose, and it doesn’t in any way effect their salvation.[/quote:1y1sy2lz]

[color=brown:1y1sy2lz]Here is one thing I should have clarified from the get go. I blame this on myself because I can totally see why Ted got this from our conversation.
Point to clarify is that God’s Grace ([b:1y1sy2lz]habitual grace[/b:1y1sy2lz]) does indeed effect a persons salvation. My point was that the main reason extra/more grace was poured out (for people who were predestined) was for God’s purpose. Salvation was a secondary effect. Furthermore I will point out some more points that will hopefully clarify things.
1. Sufficient [b:1y1sy2lz]sanctifying grace[/b:1y1sy2lz] (supernatural life, stays attached to soul, it’s a condition you are in) is given to all to be saved. (if you respond).
2. Habitual graces (supernatural push, does not attach to the soul) on the other hand are different per individual.
3. Some people do indeed respond more to God’s graces (sacraments, prayer, etc.).

I was talking about no.2 the whole time and never clarified that to Ted. I got confused myself as well so I apologize Ted. After having read this, you may have more questions. Let me know your thoughts.