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As Katholish said [b:jbn3q85h]enough grace[/b:jbn3q85h] is given for salvation to all. How do you quantify that? Beats me…. :mrgreen:

But here is something that may help and give you a different outlook on it. I am going to paste a conversation with a good Eastern Orthodox friend of mine (he is in this forum).

[color=blue:jbn3q85h][b:jbn3q85h]Ted:[/b:jbn3q85h][/color:jbn3q85h]God gets things done by grace…but not by more grace. The Uncreated Grace is received by a willing receptive heart, who works with God to serve His purpose (synergy).

[color=red:jbn3q85h][b:jbn3q85h]Victor:[/b:jbn3q85h][/color:jbn3q85h]My problem with that is that God is fully DEPENDANT upon whether they (apostles, Mary, etc.) respond or not respond. If this is the case, then His purpose may not ever happen. Making Him powerless to bring about His purpose.

[color=red:jbn3q85h][b:jbn3q85h]Victor:[/b:jbn3q85h][/color:jbn3q85h] On the other hand with His ability to give more Grace at any moment; gives Him the ability to have full control at all times. Why does he do it to some and not others? For His purpose and for our salvation in some cases. That’s why. Not for that particular persons salvation.

Let me know your thoughts.