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[quote:bkbr7e8o][u:bkbr7e8o]The Sign of the Cross[/u:bkbr7e8o]:


The manner in which you hold your fingers when you cross yourself means something (and not knowing the meaning removes a part of the lesson).

Three fingers symbolize the Trinity.

Two fingers symbolize the two natures of Christ.

(Coincidentally, if you put your thumb and first two fingers together to symbolize the Trinity, your other two fingers are left tucked under to symbolize Christ’s two natures. This is the manner in which I usually make the sign.)

Five fingers together symbolize the five wounds of Christ.

Various other symbolic meanings exist. One should take advantage of them when making the sign of the cross to remind oneself of the mysteries and glories of God.

I¬¥m so glad I read this, I had no idea. I¬¥ve always used only my index finger. Hope that doesn¬¥t mean anything bad <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />
I´ll get used from now on to use at least 2 fingers
God Bless you all