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Peace be with all present!

[quote:22jj2sff]ctdmsl forgive me for not answering your question (Victor and Benedict already did a great job doing that) but I just want to thank you for the way you asked this very good question.
You see, we Catholics usually get “questions” from protestants that are really intended just to attack and not find out information or the other¬¥s point of view. I guess I should be used to it by now (and most of the time I am) but this last couple of days I have read so many attacks in the form of “questions” by protestants in other Catholic websites that it was starting to get frustating.
That is why it was so refreshing to me to read an actual question (a good one also) intended to really find out information and presented in a respectful manner, so again… Thank You [/quote:22jj2sff]

Juan I so agree. And thank you ctdmsl for being a “True Seeker”, one who does not judge, but seeks truth and knowledge.

[quote:22jj2sff]”I am the way, the truth, and the life…no one gets to the Father but by me.” …What’s the Catholic view of that verse…? [/quote:22jj2sff]

I believe what ctdmsl is referring to is the custom of calling Priests Father. This is usually what is the passage used to try to disprove the custom. So to help answer this I offer the following:

Father, in the bible, is from the Greek pater, which refers to a person/parent.
Father, as refereed to humans appears 124 times in the N.T. {examples can be provide upon request <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />}
Like a father a priest feeds our spiritual needs and counsels members of his [the priest’s] to lead holy lives
Finally if you take the whole passage into context, not just parts, Matt. 23:9, Jesus reminds us we have only [b:22jj2sff][i:22jj2sff]one[/i:22jj2sff][/b:22jj2sff] heavenly father who is the source of all earthly fatherhood {Exod. 20:3}.

The key understanding and replying to these types of questions is the same as we use in law enforcement, the entire context of the statement must be used and understood. Fragments are partial truths not whole truths.

[quote:22jj2sff]because although, like most of you say, the bible alone isn’t the way to go, i would think that atleast much of the bible is legitimate to live a Christian life by, and that seems like a very blunt, clear-cut verse…let me know your thoughts….[/quote:22jj2sff]

This is known as Sola Scriptura and it can be dangerous. Without studding the Scriptures, prayer, learning the textual bases (ie. Greek, Latin, Aramaic) we cannot have a firm doctrinal foundation. This very evident in faiths that practice Sola Scriptura.

For help in understanding this more I suggest some lite reading Sola Scriptura[/url:22jj2sff]. It’s a short paperback and a good read.

Also for further question on the faith I would suggest The Catholic Response[/url:22jj2sff]. This too is a good short read and a paperback. I answers many question about some of our most debate, by non-Catholics, customs and beliefs.

I hope I have helped in some way and would love to help more in the future, “…Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who ask you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reference…” 1Peter 3:15-16