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[quote:1ogpg8m4]It would be incorrect to say that his office is “only” man-made. Christ was fully man and fully God. But your point stands, of course.[/quote:1ogpg8m4]

Obviously I agree and thanks for the addition.

[quote:1ogpg8m4]You replies are the standard and only justify the Papacy of Peter not a successor. (BTW, I’m not attacking you, I hope to help your proof!) Here is some quick background (hold on to your hats!): [/quote:1ogpg8m4]

Hey Fred!!! Missed you. It’s cool man, I rarely go all out on my first post.. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

Besides, I do not think [b:1ogpg8m4]dobberda[/b:1ogpg8m4] was asking for that much.

Where were you when we needed you during the Papal debates with the Orthodox? :shock: Great post!!
Perhaps next time.

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