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Something that concerned me on the homepage of that site:

[quote:3gq7tqkw]Being under the influence of Alcohol or Other mood/mind altering Drugs causes a person to lose the ability to exercise self-control, make good choices, and, most particularly, lessens the likelihood of practicing safe sex.[/quote:3gq7tqkw]
What do they define as “safe sex”? I’m not going to support an organization that promotes condom usage as a method to irradicate AIDS.

Speaking about AIDS, I heard on the radio yesterday that there is a direct link between contraception usage and abortions. Once contraception is made legal or more readily available somewhere abortion rates go up as well.

If the Church were to ever bend (highly unlikely) and start promoting condoms in Africa to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS then we would most likely see the number of abortions jump.