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[quote:2feepvkv]If I said “baptism by pouring isn’t a proper baptism”, the RC-Protestant way of looking at things would be to understand this in such a way as to make the reception of persons coming Catholicism, Anglicanism, Lutheranism, etc. into Orthodoxy without an Orthodox Baptism seem utterly incomprehensible. This is why I’ve taken pains to explain things as I have, and not offer the pat answer you’ve asked for – obviously I still wasn’t clear enough.[/quote:2feepvkv]

Actually this was my other question in which I asked if it was valid, not “proper.” I got the answer to this long ago. This wasn’t the question I was asking. Perhaps you skipped over my question and may be the reason why you may think I’m a dummy. My question was:

In Orthodox teaching what is the center of the baptismal sacrament, the immersion or the water?
If immersion is the center, then wouldn’t it be reasonable to see the Scriptures nail this down?
If it’s the water then immersion is simply a symbol. The water is what conveys grace not the immersion.

[quote:2feepvkv](the word “baptizo” meaning to coat or dip, like what happens when someone is overwhelmed with water or when one plunges fabric into a vat of dye.)[/quote:2feepvkv]

[i:2feepvkv]Baptizo[/i:2feepvkv] can mean cleansing or ritual washing as well as immersion.