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[quote:2f0yyw73]Of course, you can’t let context get in your way. The story of Onan, involved a man who owed the Leverite debt to his dead brother. In ancien semitic/tribal custom, if a man’s brother died without leaving a son, it was the job of his living brother to take his widow into his own house, and have relations with her until a child is conceived – and that child is not to be credited as his, but as the dead brother’s.

Onan’s crime, was that he took his brother’s widow, but purposelly “spilled his seed” so that this woman wouldn’t conceive a son who would not be counted as his own (and who he would benefit from.) Thus, his sin was defrauding his dead brother. [/quote:2f0yyw73]

There are many other examples of frauding one’s kin in the Bible which do not result in death. Using that as an excuse is pretty lame. It is quite clear from a simple reading of the context that he was killed FOR spilling the seed.

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