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Agustine, thank you for you post. Your posts hold valuable information for my understanding of the Orthodox Church. Not being sarcastic, I mean it. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

It is becoming obvious to me that I am by no means as learned as you in areas that cover our disagreements. I have openly admitted that I am doing reading and I am making an effort to go to proper sources. But if your here to just share and explain your faith I ask that you please don’t make comments like [i:3ncd8m66]”Oh, oh…you’re hurting my feelskins now Victor.”[/i:3ncd8m66] That only irritates people and it will make it more difficult for us to hold a civil conversation.
As time goes on I will be responding to your post. Can you provide me with some links where I can read about the material we are discussing. It is important to me that I go to proper sources because I don’t want to be accused later on of not going to “official Church teachings” and an opionion of a Bishop or something like that.

Thanks Augustine.