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[quote:368amzho]Show me the logic of insisting that “keys” (which are used for locking and unlocking) are something different from “binding and loosing”.[/quote:368amzho]

Only one other time in the bible are keys given to someone… It is extremely significant for PEter to be getting the Keys to HEAVEN, I will have more info on this later.

[quote:368amzho]Correction – Orthodox Christians recognize [b:368amzho]St.Peter’s[/b:368amzho] primacy, but that primacy is understood in a different sense. We understand it in the way the Holy Scriptures do – he is [i:368amzho]”the first”[/i:368amzho]. Thus, his primacy is in order and is manifested in a moral and typological way, not in a judicial/territorial manner (which makes absolutely no sense anyway, since none of the Apostles had anything less than a world-wide mission, so in that sense had “universal juristiction” to borrow a phrase from Catholicism.)[/quote:368amzho]

Basically, you believe in the ambiguous “Primacy of Honor” that James and Orthodox Christian 2000 have promulgated. Yet there is no evidence for that. Nowhere is the Bishop of Rome said to have honorary significance but no real power. It seems to me liek the “Primacy of Honor” is a grasping at straws much like Protestants denials of the Book of James true meaning–it is just so obvious that the Bishop of Rome had a special place that you need to downplay that role as much as possible.

Jesus tells Peter to feed his sheep. He does not tell ALL of the Apostles to feed His sheep but to honor Peter, He tells PETER to feed his sheep three times, after asking if Peter loves Him.

One other point; James you ask where I got my info on the councils–I got the info from YOU, in another thread.