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[quote:154gqks3]here’s my question – is it really that smart to dunk babies fully under water?[/quote:154gqks3]

The Holy Apostles did it. A few hundred million Orthodox still do it… I’ve heard this argument before. It’s really, really reaching.

Not to mention the fact that infants [b:154gqks3]instinctively know how to hold their breath[/b:154gqks3]. This is why you’ll see mothers able to take their infant swimming – the little tyke can’t walk, but knows to hold his breath if he goes under. In fact, it seems they only [i:154gqks3]forget this[/i:154gqks3] as they get older.

Besides, have you ever seen an infant Baptized properly? He won’t be under any more than a few seconds.