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[quote:30fivvy7]It’s probably worth checking back every now and again – the article isn’t terribly long but it does give an overview of the other two councils.
Got it to work…. thanks.
[quote:30fivvy7]but I have to warn you that if you’re looking for what we ‘added’ to the faith, meaning what it sounds like you mean, then you won’t find anything at all. [/quote:30fivvy7]
I’ve warned you in the past not to assign motives to my questions…. :lol:
I’m trying to educate myself about the differences…. SOME of us are open to learning BOTH sides of an argument.

Back to my questions…. there has been no Orthodox Ecumenical Council since (at the very latest according to the article) 1351. Is this correct?

What, in your opinion, is the function/purpose of an Orthodox Ecumenical Council?

Thanks James,