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Yeah, as you’ll have already noticed now, having seen the the break-down of my introduction and the larger posts I’ve written on the topic of Papal Authority/Supremacy, I have difficulty expressing myself with few words. I get excited and tend to just ramble at the mouth. I just came back today, and I didn’t even realize that there were several new posts in many areas. I didn’t even realize it. Usually, I’m notified by e-mail from aboutcatholics.com when one of the threads gets updated, but I haven’t received any, so I was a little overwhelmed myself when I came by just a few minutes ago. Surely, there is a lot, and I probably shouldn’t add to that vast amount with my big mouth. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> As you can see, my posts tend to lack temperance sometimes. Again, welcome to the board! I am going to try to contribute something (hopefully not too overwhelming, in the areas that have been generating some discussion). To everyone else, I hope everyone is well, and having a great night. I hope to answer the posts that were directed to me soon.
The least in Christ,