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[quote:157xb1yf]Ok my question now is:

If there is enough water and the right conditions exist, is sprinkling valid?

It seems that both you and Ted agree that under CERTAIN conditions it is ok and valid. Unless I misunderstood. Let me know.


I would say that, if that were the case, the baptism would still be valid (i.e. it shouldn’t be repeated) but I’d question the priest’s Orthodoxy (actually his Bishop’s really). Sprinkling is [i:157xb1yf]a[/i:157xb1yf] valid form to be used [i:157xb1yf]only according to economy[/i:157xb1yf] when strict adherence to the full form is impossible. To do anything else would be to fly in the face of the Tradition and canons of the Church. Personally, however, I don’t think this is an issue that would cause problems re. unification. It’s somewhere not far above beardless priests in the issue ranking in my eyes and I could happily accept its continued existence in the See of Rome of a reunified Church – just don’t expect me to go along with it personally.