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I don’t know a whole lot about immigration except that my parents are immigrants along with basically all my relatives. They all came for the same reason that most immigrants do, for a better lifestyle and future for their children.

I don’t think immigration is really a problem, I think the problem is People. There’s good people and bad people, and the media likes to only focus on the bad people when it comes to immigration so it seems like we have all these Osama’s crossing the border when it’s just not true! Look around you; there are good, family-oriented, hard working individuals from every background but you won’t see them in the spotlight.

Another thing is that we as Americans are benefiting greatly because of immigration, especially illegal immigration. If it wasn’t for immigration we as middle class people would not be able to afford fruits, vegetables and many other things. Think back to before the 15th century, when fruits and vegetables, good meat and dairy products were only available to those with more money, things are different thanks to immigration. I can go on with the list of things but I’m sure all of you are aware some way or another in ways that immigrants help this country.

One thing to remember is that immigration begins at the homes of the people who are immigrating here, and for everyone it all comes down to Living Standards. Otherwise, they would not be leaving EVERYTHING and EVERYONE they love and have behind to start all over in a foreign country where, lets face it; they’re unwelcome for the most part. In order to slow (not stop) immigration, especially from Mexico something has to be done in their country.

Many people are being exploited in their country by not only their government but also by multinational companies such as Sony, Home Depot, Chiquita Banana, 7-Eleven, McDonalds, KFC, Pepsi, Shell, Dell etc.

One thing I can think of right off the bat is, that these large companies should give back to the communities that they’re taking away from. For example, one thing they could do is give 5% (or even 1 or 2%) of their local profits to the native people to build a school or two, or to improve some of the living conditions for the people that are helping THEM get richer, of course the government from both countries to be involved. But doing helping out those communities would help lessen the amount of people who want to leave. I think this is the direction that our government is heading towards, where our country will help out their country in return for the goods and services that its citizens give to the US.

Imagine if the US put half the effort that their putting into this “war” into helping out their neighboring country, wouldn’t that help slow down immigration?

Anyways these are just my thoughts and ideas; I could be absolutely wrong or out of line. But the US (or the Octopus as it is called in many other countries) has its hands in many things going on around the world, and if thins are the way they are it’s partly because they have made it that way.