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Scott, I have experienced what the author speaks of. Although it did bother me I think it was a combination of me [i:3915qmry]not wanting to submit[/i:3915qmry] and the priest embarrased that I caught it. On a universal level this is a sorta phobia from church leaders to have lay people questioning or challenging them. Although this used to bug me more before I came to peace with it after reading much of history and seeing misunderstandings and erroneous ways of thinking of some priest, lay person, etc. This phobia was built up over a period of time by several hundreds of people trying to challenge the church. Which helped me at least understand why they react as they do. But that’s ok, you just have to be extra careful and respectful when posing questions or challenging an authority. We should be this way anyways but some people feel that the priests should welcome all questions and challenges with a smile, regardless of how it’s asked. Charity should be shown by both. There is a bit of phobia on both sides, but that’s ok we can get beyond that with some work. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

In Christ