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[quote:khr3je9t]No…. the Church says it best[/quote:khr3je9t]

Agreed…. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

[quote:khr3je9t]Sometimes I ask “controversial” questions because I like getting other Catholics to think for a change.

The Apologetics 101 arrogance of “Rome has spoken, case closed!”… (however correct) is quite ineffective for evangelization…. it actually turns a lot of people AWAY from the Catholic faith.[/quote:khr3je9t]

This is where I am a bit confused. I do agree we should raise controverial questions for the sake of having people think and grow. But I am still a bit confused why you or anybody would challenge the an infallible Church teaching. Unless this is not what you are saying. This is how I understood it. Imagine the following scenerio:

Rome says: “We proclaim that one does not have to get circumcised to become a Christian”
Objector: “Well I disagree, because…….”

Is this a fair scenerio of what you were trying to say about dissenting?
You can answer in the other thread.