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[quote:88soayv5]Scott, at first I was unsure where you were heading with this and where you stood on the issue at hand. But after observing I understand.[/quote:88soayv5]
Understandable…. I confuse a lot of people. I am 100% (in my humble opinion) loyal to the Catholic Church and all that that statement implies…. but I am a student of theology and a Catechism teacher for adult RCIA members.

Sometimes I ask “controversial” questions because I like getting other Catholics to think for a change.

The Apologetics 101 arrogance of “Rome has spoken, case closed!”… (however correct) is quite ineffective for evangelization…. it actually turns a lot of people AWAY from the Catholic faith.

I wish more were like you, Victor…. people who seem to actually enjoy thinking about WHY we believe, instead of apologetics which serves only to “prove” WHAT we believe. I find very little theology in lay-apologetics today…. it’s more about winning a debate than conversion of sinners…. what a waste of God given grace.
[quote:88soayv5] Catholic Answers says it best:[/quote:88soayv5]
No…. the Church says it best. <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

Peace in Christ,