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[quote:zf5z8c2q]Not at all…. the Eastern Orthodox Church has valid Sacraments but do not support Petrine primacy…. reject the Immaculate Conception etc… they quite clearly “disbelieve in the Church’s claims elsewhere” and yet have a correct knowledge of the Eucharist.[/quote:zf5z8c2q]

Good point.
Scott, at first I was unsure where you were heading with this and where you stood on the issue at hand. But after observing I understand.
I do want to clarify the salvation outside the Church topic you guys touched on. To say:
1. It makes no difference what church one belongs to and that salvation can be attained through any of them.
2. Unless one is a full-fledged, baptized member of the Catholic Church, one will be damned.

Both of these are incorrect. Catholic Answers says it best:
“[b:zf5z8c2q]The following quotations from the Church Fathers give the straight story. They show that the early Church held the same position on this as does the contemporary Church-that while it is normatively necessary to be a Catholic to be saved (see CCC 846; Vatican II, Lumen Gentium 14), there are exceptions, and it is possible in some circumstances for people to be saved who have not been fully initiated into the Catholic Church (CCC 847).[/b:zf5z8c2q]”

But it is correct absolutely correct to say, “there is no salvation outside the Body of Christ”. This statement holds no exceptions.