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[quote:dvimdyoq]It DOES say you need to believe in it. Now how can you believe in the Catholic position without believing in Catholicism? You can’t. It is simply impossible.[/quote:dvimdyoq]
You seem to know more than the Cardinals and Bishops who wrote the Ecumenical Directory….

…. or did they add #’s 130 and 131 for an IMPOSSIBLE situation as a joke?
[quote:dvimdyoq]And if one DOES, one obviously does not really know WHAT you are believing in because no one who has actually taken time to look at these things could believe in the Church’s claims of the Eucharist, and yet disbelieve in the Church’s claims elsewhere.[/quote:dvimdyoq]
Not at all…. the Eastern Orthodox Church has valid Sacraments but do not support Petrine primacy…. reject the Immaculate Conception etc… they quite clearly “disbelieve in the Church’s claims elsewhere” and yet have a correct knowledge of the Eucharist.

Father Richard McBrien, a professor at Notre Dame, remarks that :
[color=blue:dvimdyoq]With regard to the real presence…. consultations between Catholics and other faiths shows some measure of basic agreement on the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, e.g., with the Lutherans, Presbyterians and Reformed, Disciples of Christ, Anglicans, and Orthodox. The Lutherans, for example, do not even reject everything implied in the medieval term transubstantiation, but they shy away from it because it is “misleading.”[/color:dvimdyoq]