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[quote:1nk21ogh]Can a Catholic only receive Holy Communion after he or she is confirmed? I was told by a priest that any baptised Catholic in good standing with the church could.[/quote:1nk21ogh]
The Priest you spoke to was quite correct, but to be clear, only Baptized Catholics who are [color=darkred:1nk21ogh]old enough [/color:1nk21ogh]may have their First Confession and First Communion.

[color=green:1nk21ogh]The sacraments of Christian initiation – Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist – lay the foundations of every Christian life. “The sharing in the divine nature given to men through the grace of Christ bears a certain likeness to the origin, development, and nourishing of natural life. The faithful are born anew by Baptism, strengthened by the sacrament of Confirmation, and receive in the Eucharist the food of eternal life. By means of these sacraments of Christian initiation, they thus receive in increasing measure the treasures of the divine life and advance toward the perfection of charity.”[/color:1nk21ogh]