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[quote:3eqix9ar][quote:3eqix9ar]Some of you may consider this may be a rather stupid question, but please try to be kind in your reply. I come here to learn from you all about the Catholic faith. [/quote:3eqix9ar]
I applaud you effort to educate yourself…. and I am sincerly saddened that you think anyone here would not be kind in their replies.
[quote:3eqix9ar]Can a Catholic take communion outside of the Catholic church? [/quote:3eqix9ar]
Yes, under very specific circumstances.
[quote:3eqix9ar]Do non-Catholic faiths have the same type of rules as Catholics? <img decoding=:” title=”Question” />[/quote:3eqix9ar]
Not sure…. I’m not quite familiar with the numerous churches that make up the non-Catholic Christian faith.

Peace be with you,

Thank you for your reply Scott. It is not that I’m so concerned of an unkind reply, but rather, an abrupt or unfriendly reply that makes me wish I never even asked. The Catholic faith is not as easy for me to understand as many of the Protestant faiths. There seems to be so many more rules.

Could you give me an example of such a “very specific circumstance”?

Thank you for your kindness. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />