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This is such an interesting topic. I believe that there needs to be laws against abortion accept when it does endanger the mothers life. For example, my next door neighbor had an abortion because her baby was stuck sideways, and partialy in the falopian (spelling?) tube. It was a mess, the doctors told her that if it wasnt done there was a good chance that both her and the baby would die during birth. So she had an abortion, she felt bad, and had a really hard time getting over it, but I believe that was one of the very rare occasions where it could be permited. As for prevention of the rest, Education is by far the tool that needs to be used. Lets face it, we are not going to stop teens from having sex, especialy when they are not believers, since they’re not, they have to rules against it! But instead as wrong as it may be from our point of view, education in contraception is more than likely the only way to lower the teen pregnancy rate. Its sad, but true.