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[quote:1guf3sh3]Yes, the priest can baptize them if they are near death. [b:1guf3sh3]I[/b:1guf3sh3] could baptize someone if they were near death. [/quote:1guf3sh3]
Well, I didn’t say near death…. In my hypothetical situation, these men are in danger of death…. same answer?
[quote:1guf3sh3]Also, as to the prudence thing… I am speaking with mostly Catholics here, but alos even with Protestants, you have to make sure they know the truth, no matter what it is.[/quote:1guf3sh3]
I get ya…. people have different ways of expressing truth…. and I find it’s also important to realize that I’m not personally infallible…. everyone makes mistakes. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />
[quote:1guf3sh3]Finally, your last question, if they did NOT intend to enter the Church. NO, you cannot. [/quote:1guf3sh3]
Interesting….. where did you come by this information?

Is it your personal opinion?

With your use of the Capitals, you seem pretty sure that you are correct….. any chance you are wrong?
[quote:1guf3sh3]And really, I don’t understand how one can a) not believe in the Church but believe in the Real Presence or b) argue that someone who DID hold those views should be admitted to Communion.[/quote:1guf3sh3]
Well, the key phrase in your last statement is ” I don’t understand”…. the Ecumenical movement championed by our late Holy Father and taken up by Benedict XVI is a topic you probably should educate yourself about.

I know it’s fun to play “Apologetics 101”, but you do yourself a disservice when you play the role of defender to the detriment of actually absorbing the theology of our faith…… :oops: sorry for the lecture, being a Catechism Teacher, it’s a bad habit I have.

Looking forward to your answers…… thanks for a wonderful discussion….. on the other Forum where I work, the majority of members are atheists and non-Catholics, this has been great fun to speak with an educated Catholic for a change!!!