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[quote:2fkfv2e2]I do not see how that is a lack of charity. How about we tell things as they are?[/quote:2fkfv2e2]
Tell it how you see fit….. prudence, for me at least, would dictate that I show my brothers and sisters a little bit more respect without knowing them personally….. but like I said, that’s just me.
[quote:2fkfv2e2]But in the situation you speak of, if the Protestants are not Baptized, they should be. [/quote:2fkfv2e2]
Good point….. in this situation, could the Priest do so if the men desired?
[quote:2fkfv2e2] But only if they had been intending to join the Church had they been able to survive.[/quote:2fkfv2e2]
What if they have no intention of joining the Church?