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[quote:2snwyh13]What I meant was not that you disagree with every PART of teh Church, I meant that you clearly do not RECOGNIZE the Catholic Church as the infallible Church she is.

If you did, then obviously you would not be disagreeing with it![/quote:2snwyh13]
Wow…. that shows an amazing lack of charity…. I hope this sort of thing does not happen on this forum all the time….. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />

Getting back on topic…. and since you, Uncertaindrummer, seem to be well versed in Catholic teaching, I’d like your opinion on a hypothetical situation:

[color=blue:2snwyh13]A group of Protestant men are:

1. In danger of death.
2. Have manifested faith in the Sacrament of the Eucharist
3. Do not have access to a minister of their own
4. Have asked a Catholic Priest to receive the Eucharist
5. Are properly disposed in conscience[/color:2snwyh13]

[color=darkred:2snwyh13]Should the Priest give them the Eucharist, or not?[/color:2snwyh13]