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[quote:2lfh4dcg]So, make it harder for these people to live in the U.S. without going trhough the proper channels. There is not perfect solution, but I think that would be wise.[/quote:2lfh4dcg]

Huh? Not sure if I understood here. Are you saying they should go thru the LEGAL way? Is that what you mean by “proper channels”?
Cause if you are I have first hand experience that there is NO channels period at the moment. There is very few if any way for a person to come in the LEGAL way either. There are programs for extreme cases like war in a country or something like that but believe me it is EXTREMELY difficult to get legalized. Which is fine, but the whole immigration has a lot of things it can improve on. It took me over 15 years to finally become a citizen.

But you’re right, there is no easy solution.